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Welcome to the Hawaii Interpreters and Translators Association (HITA), your professional haven for language expertise and success. Established in 1991, we are a growing community of interpreters and translators in Hawaii where connection, learning, and advocacy thrive.

Advocacy on the Frontlines: HITA is committed to advocacy. We promote interpreter and translator excellence, ensuring our voices are heard at the state and local levels. We desire to educate government staff, non-profits, businesses, hospitals and schools about our vital role in guaranteeing language access to services and promoting cultural understanding and equality.

Building Stronger Communities: We believe in bridging language gaps to create a more connected and inclusive Hawaii. By promoting the importance of professional interpreters and translators, individuals and institutions can experience greater collaboration and mutual respect.

Network with the Best: Cultivate meaningful connections in our ever-growing HITA community. Attend exclusive networking events where you can forge valuable partnerships, discover new opportunities, and learn from esteemed colleagues.

Share Your Expertise: Become a thought leader. Our new platform provides a dynamic space to share your industry insights, best practices, and experiences. You can participate in panel discussions, and elevate the collective voice of Hawaii's T&I professionals.

Exclusive Webinars: Join our in-depth webinars on the latest industry trends, including education opportunities, discussions on medical and legal topics, tax and business tips, translation and specialized interpretation techniques, etc. Expand your repertoire and refine your skills to become the best you can be in this industry.

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Becoming a HITA member unlocks a world of benefits that propel your career forward. From continuous learning and professional development to a supportive network and unwavering advocacy, HITA invests in your success. Take control of your professional growth, join our vibrant community, and together, let's rewrite the narrative of excellence in interpretation and translation in Hawaii.

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